Saransk 2018 - Presentation of the city
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Football Saransk

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Road to the stadium

How to get to the stadium and not be late for the match
In Saransk itself, the road to the stadium from anywhere in the city will take no more than 15 minutes by car, 30 minutes by public transport.

From the central part of the city on foot you can walk to the stadium in 10-15 minutes, a little less time will get from the north-eastern region of Saransk (the so-called Himmash).
Road to the stadium

Where to live

Rental information
Where to live - гостиницы(образует блок)
FROM RUB 2,500
Comfortable rooms near the stadium
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Where to live - хостелы
FROM 1 000 RUB
Cheap rooms in the city center
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Where to live - квартиры
FROM 2 000 RUB
Cozy apartments in any area
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History of football

How football developed in Mordovia
The first official match

The first official match was in the autumn of 1919, with the command of the Krasny Uzel station (0: 2).

The first official football team - "Core" (most likely, in those years this word had a close associativity with the word "ball").

The first champion of Mordovia

The first champion of Mordovia - Ruzaevsky "Locomotive", 1936 Final: "Locomotive" - ​​Saransk team - 4: 1

Top scorer of the 1930s: Konstantin Mikerin (29 goals in 4 matches!)

The first major victory

Team Ruzaevka became the champion of the Penza province.

Place of matches in Saransk: Uspensky Square (now - Park named after AS Pushkin).

Average attendance in the 1940s
Average attendance of the matches of the championships of Mordovia in the late 40's: 3-4 thousand people with a population of 17-20 thousand people.
The best teams of Mordovia
The best teams of Mordovia in the 1950s. "Spartacus", "Labor Reserves", the national team of Saransk, Dynamo (Saransk), Lokomotiv (Ruzaevka), Dynamo (Yavas) and "University".
The club of FC "Mordovia" was founded.
Year of foundation: 1961. Date of debut match in national championships: May 2, 1961.
Debut in the USSR Championship
Date of debut: May 2, 1961 (victory over the "Geologist" Tyumen - 2: 1, in Saransk).
Victory in FNL
FNL: 1st place in 2012 (100 points, the best scorer - Ruslan Mukhametshin, 31 goals)
Debut in the Premier League
Member of the Premier League in 2012/2013, 2014/2015 (8th place - the best result in the history of the club), 2015/2016.


What's worth visiting
Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts. S.D. Erzi
Mordovia Museum of Local Lore named after I.D. Voronin
Memorial museum of military and labor feat 1941-1945.
Museum of Mordovian folk culture
House-Museum of SD Erzya
Ethnographic Museum "Ethno-kudo" them. VI Romashkina
Cathedral of St. Righteous Warrior Feodor Ushakov
St. John the Theologian Church
Church in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Church of St. Nicholas
St. John the Theologian Makarov Monastery
Рождество-Богородичный Санаксарский мужской монастырь
Paraskevo-Ascension Convent
The central cathedral mosque "Aal-Mansur"

Local souvenirs

We recommend to bring from Mordovia

Tavlinskaya toy is sold in most souvenir shops with Mordovian national subjects, patterns and signs. In addition, Mordovia is famous for other carvings: figurines, games (chess, checkers) and so on.


It is a national product, very popular fishing in a number of areas. Get warm shoes. One of the centers of this fishery is Urusovo, the village of Ardatovsky district.


One of the most and colorful types of embroidery in the world. One look is enough to distinguish Mordva embroidery from others. It differs from district to district, but it is united by one - skill and bizarre patterns.

Buy a shirt, shawl or tablecloth that will allow you to keep good memories of the trip.


Saransk is one of the centers of home-made needlework. Dozens of people make toys, write pictures, knit, embroider, make pottery, make crafts from a vine. Order a souvenir to order, and we will hand it to you at the time of your visit to the city.

This will be your personal masterpiece in memory of the time spent here.


We offer you several hiking trails of your choice.
Journey through the Parks of Saransk


1 day



You will visit the traditional park with attractions, playgrounds, a zoo, sculptures in the central part of the city, and then visit two cozy parks with paths and resting places in the central and north-western part of the city, plunging into the cozy world of trees.

You will see a variety of trees, birds, breathe in an invigorating fresh air in the cool and shade. You can finish the trip in the Ecological Park near the Stadium "Arena of Mordovia" with running and bicycle paths.

A walk in the center of Saransk


3-5 hours



You will visit the streets, squares and squares of the city, look in the most interesting museums and temples, can be photographed against the backdrop of beautiful nature and sights of Saransk.

Trip to the reserve


1-4 days



A trip to the Smidovich Reserve (170 km from Saransk). The combination of different geographical areas (taiga and broadleaf forests and forest-steppe), in which the reserve is located, causes the diversity of animal and plant life. A lot of rare plants, mushrooms and animals are found in the Mordovia nature reserve, including the orchid Venus shoe, the Nesotianta hood, the rarest lichen lichen pulmonary and drilled, the mushroom-ram, the beautiful Apollo butterfly, the pretty Hymenoptera, the carpenter and the parnepus, the mighty carnivorous a white-tailed eagle, a large spotted eagle, a graceful black stork, a relict Russian desman and other species listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.

The forests of the Mordovsky Reserve are a haven for ungulates and predatory animals - elk, deer, wild boar, marten, lynx, brown bear, wolf, fox. You will visit the Mordovsky Reserve, one of the earliest reserves in Russia, organized in the far pre-war 1930s. This is the history of the reserved Mordovia. This is one of the few regions in Russia where the mighty ancient pine and spruce, huge oaks and tall lime trees have been preserved. These are the southernmost spurs of the European taiga, this is part of the Murom forests that stretched along Moksha and its tributaries.

You will travel to the world of nature. You will learn about our animals, get acquainted with our birds and discover their life. You will spend time in sightseeing tours in the swamp, floodplain meadows and lakes, work as a volunteer and you will be able to see the sights of the reserve and the famous Nativity-Theotokos Sanaksar Monastery (included in the project "Golden Ring of Russia").

Difficulty level

The tour is available for a student at the age of 7 years, a student and an adult without serious physical restrictions. You can visit the school groups.


In guest heated cottages (two to six beds each with bedding), a sauna, a kitchen on a cordon (on gas), there is a possibility of cooking on the campfire, electricity is everywhere.

The cost of 2 to 8 thousand rubles per person. Many options for content and placement.



1 or 2 days



You will visit the central and eastern parts of Mordovia - in the ethnographic center and museum in the old Moksha village of Staraya Terizmorga (70 km from Saransk), as well as in the unique house of the Ethno-Kudo Museum in the Erzyan village Podlesnaya Tavla (only 20 km from Saransk) . You will learn about the life of the Mordovian people, see buildings, you can buy souvenirs made by craftsmen directly on the spot.

The route can be completed at the Museum of Mordovian culture in the center of Saransk.




1 day



This route will begin in the St. Makarov Monastery near Saransk, continue with a visit to the unique historical and modern churches of the city, as well as the farmstead and end in the Saransk Spiritual School with a conversation with local priests.



1 day



You will be able to talk with brothers in the faith, visit the mosques of the city and suburbs, including cathedral and historical mosques.



1 day



In Saransk, more than one dozen Protestant churches of different denominations, ready to meet and communicate. The itinerary is based on your preferences.

Fishing and recreation


1-3 days



We propose to make an individual fishing route for you. Our knowledge will help organize as a holiday for professionals who like to hunt in deserted places on river predators, and for lovers who prefer a quiet / family comfortable rest with a fishing rod on the shore of the reservoir.

Company Profile

Leading companies of the Republic of Mordovia
Company Profile (формируем блок)
JSC "Evolenta"
JSC "Evolenta" offers solutions that allow to optimize the work of state and commercial organizations, helping them to accomplish the tasks facing them, to become more effective using the opportunities of modern information technologies.
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Компания ИДЖ
Web development
Internet for Life LLC
The company "Internet for Life" is engaged in providing services in the development of Internet projects - from specialized sites and portals to complex intranets and Internet solutions and information systems.
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Компания (увлекательная реальность)
AR/VR development
Exciting reality
Information products developed in the company use advanced technologies to increase the interest of users through means of 3D modeling, virtualization, animation, contactless control, augmented, virtual and mixed reality.
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Компания (ТОТ Expert)
ТОТ Expert
The company "TOT Expert" offers an effective solution to the problem of training personnel for state and municipal bodies, as well as corporate institutions using E-learning technologies.
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Products of the Republic of Mordovia
Продукты (формируем блок)
Educational complex in physics
Educational complex for the school course of physics with augmented and virtual reality.
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